• Finding Fernhurst Court Children’s Nursery

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  • You Can Help?

    Can You Help?

    Persons Of Interest!

    We are always looking for people to come in and talk to our pre-schoolers. What do you do during the day? Do you have an unusual job or just one that requires specific skills? We can think of a whole list of visitors wed like to see talking to our children:

    Dentist_cleansA Dentist or Dental Nurse to talk about looking after our teeth

    Nurse_with_babyA nurse or mid-wife to talk about babies

    politie038A Policeman to talk about strangers.

    BlacksmithA Blacksmith – what do they do?

    Road_Work 01 A real life ‘Bob The Builder’ – Can He Fix It?

    Firefighter A Fireman – Especially with his fire engine!

    Scientist 02 A Scientist to show us some unusual things.

    or a  Doctor, a Paramedic, an Ambulanceman, a Milkman, a ‘Big School’ Teacher, a ‘Big Truck’ Driver, a Bus Driver, a real ‘Postman Pat’, etc.

    You’ll have to prepare well if you’re going to keep their interest and it will need to be short and sweet (say around 15 minutes max.) – they’re meaner than you might think!

    But if you’ve got an interesting job/story – our children would be interested in hearing about it!

    Help With The Autumn Fair/Christmas Party

    With big events like the Autumn Fair and our Christmas Party we are always thankful for help from parents – if you’re interested talk to Lisa – she’ll put you in touch with our organiser for the event.