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  • Visiting Educators


    Mini Melodies is a company that specialises in bringing music to nursery age children. We have employed them to visit a group of our children every Wednesday morning – each group gets a six week course and then mini melodies moves on to the next group. I’ll let the company explain:

    Dear Parent

    My name is Francesca and I work for a company that specializes in bringing the joy of music to children, this is called ‘Mini Melodies’. I have been holding successful music sessions all over the North West of England for over 7 years and it is now time for your child to benefit from these sessions.


    At the ‘Mini Melodies’ session your child will have the opportunity to learn to play instruments both percussion and tuned instruments. They will play musical games, sing and dance. They will have opportunities to learn new skills e.g sign language.

    HOW WILL MY CHILD BENEFIT?graphics-babies-052872

    Mini Melodies is a great way for your child to increase their skills in music, movement, coordination, motivation and improve their social skills. This is all whilst having fun! After the sixth week session, your child will come home with a Certificate of Achievement and a lollipop that they can enjoy!


    The Mini Melodies sessions last for six weeks. They will be held every Wednesday Morning starting at 10:30am. Dates will vary depending on the group, we will inform you of the dates prior to the start of the sessions.

    Individual parents of the children attending normally pay for these sessions. However, Fernhurst Court has agreed to pay these sessions and thus you will not be required to contribute.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to let your child get ahead in their creativity and education!

    Yours faithfully.