• Finding Fernhurst Court Children’s Nursery

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  • Rooms

    We divide the indoor child areas within the nursery into six ‘coloured rooms’. This comes from the fact that we had several nurseries and we wanted them all to be able to communicate with each other without having to know the actual differences in layout. So anyone in any of our nurseries could say they wanted the green room staff and everyone would know they were talking about the persons working with babies.

    At Fernhurst we have:

    The ‘Green’ room or ‘Baby’ room – divided into two areas, sleep and play – strictly for babies only – older children are not allowed in this room. Even the toddlers have a separate room thus ensuring that the babies have their own space. This results in a quiet and safe area for babies to be in. In this room communication and stability are the key issues. We have a small facility off the baby room for warming babies bottles, etc.

    Half of the ‘Big Room’ (the ‘Red’ area) is our toddler area – this extends out through the big doors to the outside play space. These areas are where our babies go when they are ‘big’ but not big enough to go into the nursery. Everything that happens in the nursery also happens in here but at a slightly slower pace and with more attention given to each individual child.

    The other half of our ‘Big Room’ (the ‘Blue’ area) – a base for our over threes, although other children do have opportunity to use the space. The children use this room for all activities and in combination with the outside play area (we just open the doors) they have access to a variety of different areas: The home corner, where children can use their imagination and express themselves through role play, construction mat, craft table, quiet area and sand and water trays.

     Our small Purple room is used for music and story – and for sleeps when we have a lot of tired children after dinner.

    The ‘Yellow’ room is our base for the children aged two to three years who aren’t yet upstairs in the pre-school room. Similar to the blue room, children in this area also have access to various areas, fitting in with the idea of continuous provision.

    ‘Professor Pink’s Pre-School Rooms’, as the name suggests, is used by the older children for Pre-School educational activities, there is a computer in this room and children learn about mice and keyboards and get hands on experience of new technology. Children are based in this area from the September before they go to big school until they leave the following summer/autumn.