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    To keep standards high, OFSTED inspect all nurseries on a regular basis. You can find any inspection report for any nursery by clicking on the following link:  OFSTED .

    Fernhurst was last inspected on the 8th October 2012 and is due to be inspected again in 2016. Our 2012 report can be found at:  Fernhurst Court Children’s Nursery.

    Our OFSTED number is: EY367136


    OFSTED set the standards for all nursery settings and as such are the organisation to go to if questions are raised as to whether practices are right or wrong.

    If in the unlikely event you have a problem with what you see in our nursery we suggest you act in the following manner:

    Whistle Blowing And Complaints At Fernhurst Court:

    The Owners and Directors of Fernhurst Court have no desire to see bad practice or sub-standard care within the nursery. To this end whistle blowing is looked on as a positive contribution to the health of the organisation, as are complaints.

    We hope and expect that the service provided by Fernhurst Court Nursery is of the quality you would expect. If there are times when you feel dissatisfied or unfairly treated we would ask you to first discuss this with the Nursery Manager.

    Any complaint, whether it is in regard to premises, nursery activities, staff behaviour, children’s behaviour, etc. should initially follow this route. The Nursery Manager will ensure that the complaint is given careful consideration. A considered response to the complaint will be given (in writing, if required) within 28 days of the problem being raised.

    If this response is not to your satisfaction then inform the Nursery Manager that you wish the Board Of Directors to review this decision (preferably within seven days). This appeal will be considered by the full board of directors and you will have the right to address the board directly if you so wish.

    If at this juncture you are still not satisfied you have the right to involve OFSTED, they can be contacted by using the following telephone number:

    0300 123 1231

     Or you can write to:

    Early Years OFSTED

    Piccadilly Gate

    Store Street


    M1 2WD


    NOTE: If a complaint cannot be directly communicated to the Nursery Manager then post a letter into the fees payment box. Strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times. Complaints should not be anonymous. Although any anonymous complaints will be looked into, they cannot possibly be treated with the respect they may well deserve.