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  • Settling In

    At Fernhurst Court we recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents and carers so that the children are happy to attend nursery and all parents feel confident about leaving their child in our care. When your child has been offered a place in the nursery you will be invited to attend the nursery with your child prior to their initial start date.

    When you arrive introduce yourself to the staff and explain the reason for your visit. The nursery manager will be contacted immediately and will meet you and take you to the area your child will be in and introduce you and your child to the staff working within that area.

    Parents are asked to bring with them, on their first visit, their child’s birth certificate, a copy of this will be taken in nursery and returned to the parents before they leave.

    When parents arrive at nursery they will be introduced to all the staff who will be responsible for the care of their child of whom one will be allocated as their child’s key person. Parents will be able to discuss their child’s individual needs with their key person.

    Parents will be asked to fill in a short ‘All About Me’ booklet which is about their child, this will enable the staff to be aware of the child’s individual needs and how the child may need support during their first few weeks.

    During the visit parents will decide with the manager how long their child’s settling in period will be. This can be any length from one to four, maybe even six visits. The settling in time also allows the key person to learn more about the child from the people who know him/her best, you!

    All parents are given a welcome pack containing information about the nursery and their enrolement form.

    The enrolment form MUST BE COMPLETED and returned to the nursery prior to your child’s first day:

    Settling in:

    A settling-in period is a time before the child joins the nursery, when they can visit with their parents and stay for a while in order to get to know the staff, the children and the routines.  It is important that a child has spent some time in the nursery before their actual start day, in order to get to know their key person, the children and other staff. Hopefully, by the time the child starts nursery they will be quite settled and feel confident within their new environment.

    As a matter of policy we encourage parents and children to visit on at least three occasions before the starting date.  For the first visit we suggest staying with your child for an hour, so that you can talk to the staff about routines and anything you want them to know.  For the second visit we suggest trying to leave your child for an hour.  For the third visit we suggest leaving your child for two hours. Some children may need more than three visits and if this is the case more can be arranged.

    These visits will be a time when, through building a relationship between staff and parents, the child will begin to settle and form trusting relationships with staff, and in particular their key person.  Children will be shown where the toilets are, where to hang their coats and will be encouraged to join in with activities.  Parents can discuss with the staff particular eating or sleeping habits.

    Child’s First Day:

    Parents may want to stay awhile to see that their child is happy and settled.  It is quite acceptable to come and sit in another room for a few minutes and then go back discreetly and check that your child has settled.  However you need not feel obliged to do this and may leave soon after saying goodbye to your child.

    Parents are invited to phone at any point during the day to check that all is well.  Progress reports will be offered by the key person when parents arrive to pick up their child.