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  • Healthy Eating

    Three meals a day are provided for full time and full day placements at no additional cost, lunch and tea are available for sessional placements if required. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are also provided to supplement meals.graphics-food-133644

    We employ a chef (Gillian, see below) for food preparation and any other staff who handle food are required to gain the basic food hygiene certificate. Our Cook prepares varied and nourishing meals in the nursery’s own kitchen. We cater for all tastes and special dietary requirements are accommodated.

    Eating with a knife and fork is encouraged, as are proper table manners.


    Gillian Rowles – Chef


    Breakfast – this consists of Weetabix, Cornflakes or Rice Krispies with warm milk. The children choose which cereal they would like, unless Mum or Dad insists on one or the other.

    Mid-Morning Snack – this consists of Toast and/or a choice of Crumpets/T-cakes & Pancakes and a beaker of milk.

    Lunch – this is always a warm meal. We rotate the menus over four weeks to ensure the children get a good variety of food types:

    OneFish Cakes, Oven Chips and Mushy Peas. Milk Pudding.Meat & Potato Pie with Mixed Vegetables. Yoghurt.Chicken Casserole, New Potatoes & Peas. Jelly & Ice Cream.Corned Beef Hash with Sweet Corn. Fruit Mousse.Chilli with Rice. Chocolate Sponge Cake and Custard.
    TwoHomemade Burger, Roast Potatoes and Carrots. Fruit Mousse.Turkey Lasagne with Sweet Corn. Fruit and Ice Cream.Fish Fingers, New Potatoes and Mushy peas. Rice Pudding.Shepherds Pie with Mixed Vegetables. Trifle.Chicken Pasta Bolognese with Peas. Homemade Sponge and Custard.
    ThreeSausage Casserole, Roast Potatoes and Peas. Fruit Crumble and Ice Cream.Fisherman's Pie with Sweet Corn. Milk Pudding.Cheese & Tomato Pizza, Southern Fries and Beans. Yoghurt.Mince & Dumplings, Mashed Potato and Mixed Vegetables. Fruit Mousse.Chicken Hot Pot, Yorkshire Pudding & Cabbage. Homemade Sponge & Custard
    FourTuna Hash & Sweet Corn. Milk Pudding. Pasta Bolognese & Peas. Banoffee Pie.Cheese Flan, New Potatoes & Spaghetti. Fruit Mousse.Chicken Curry & Rice. Fruit & Choc-Ice.Sausage, Mash & Beans. Cheesecake.


    Mid-Afternoon Snack – this consists of a choice of fruit with a beaker of milk.



    Tea-Time – here we again have a four week rotating menu:

    OneWaffles with Spaghetti. Selection of Fruit.Assorted Sandwiches, Salad with Dip(s). Cheese & Crackers. Alternative For Babies.Homemade Soup with Garlic Bread. Selection of Fruit.Beans On Toast. Homemade Biscuits or Cake.Hot Dogs with Onions & Tomato Sauce. Selection Of Fruit.
    TwoHomemade Soup with Bread & Butter. Selection of Fruit.Sausage Rolls, Spaghetti. Yoghurts.Assorted Sandwiches, Salad with Dip(s). Selection of Fruit. Alternative For Babies.Waffles with Spaghetti Hoops. Homemade Biscuits or Cake.Potato Croquettes with Beans. Selection of Fruit.
    ThreeAssorted Sandwiches, Salad with Dip(s). Selection of Fruit. Alternative For Babies.Homemade Soup, Garlic Bread. Crackers with Cheese or Jam.Chicken Dippers & Potato Wedges. Selection of Fruit.Waffles with Spaghetti. Homemade Biscuits or Cake.Meatballs & Pasta. Selection of Fruit.
    FourAssorted Sandwiches, Salad with Dip(s). Selection of Fruit. Alternative For Babies.Smiley Faces, Chicken Nuggets & Dip. Yoghurt.Homemade Soup with Bread & Butter. Selection of Fruit.Ravioli & Toast. Homemade Biscuits or Cake.Assorted Sandwiches, Salad with Dip(s). Selection of Fruit. Alternative For Babies.

    As you would expect our kitchen has a 5 star food hygiene rating.

    Food Hygiene Rating




    There are certain ‘food rules’ we insist on at Fernhurst Court:

    Food Guidelines For All Children:

    Peanuts and/or peanut oil MUST NOT be used and all packages and tins must be checked so as to avoid these foods.

    Salt MUST NOT be used.

    The practice of frying foods is prohibited.

    Full cream milk MUST be given every day and must be used throughout the nursery years – semi-skimmed and skimmed milk is not used.

    Vegetables should be served daily.

    Food Guidelines For Young Babies:

    Weaning should start at four months. Offer the food followed by a bottle of milk. Children will take whatever milk they require.

    Babies cannot have cows milk until approximately eleven months old.

    From six months babies may have hard boiled eggs and/or well cooked scrambled eggs. Other types of egg are restricted to children over twelve months old.

    Between the age of twelve months and thirteen months each child should be provided with a meal containing an egg to check if they are allergic to eggs before they have their MMR injection. With this particular meal the child should be monitored afterwards to ensure no adverse reaction has taken place. An allergic reaction to eggs will show as swollen eyes, lips and tongue. The results of this test should be communicated to the parents.graphics-food-842258