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  • Fundraising Events

    We are always fundraising to improve the outside play spaces and/or to buy additional equipment for your children to play with. This year and going forward every pound you raise will be matched by a pound from the nursery. The big slide on the grassed upper lawns cost a fortune and without your fundraising efforts we could not have afforded this so soon. We estimate it would have been another two years before we would have saved enough money to buy the slide without the fundraising money.  I would also like to mention Laura Lord’s contribution here in working with the designers in order to get the thing off the ground.


    Laura Lord

    Anyway fundraising continues and the next designed outside play package is already being worked on.

    The latest fundraising idea is from the Nick Clarke Studios. Nick Clarke is a renowned local photographer and is offering a reduced price package for anyone requiring a family portrait. The Nick Clarke Studios have been our preferred photographers ever since our nursery opened and Nick does all the nursery’s portrait photography. Have a look at his offer to see if it suits you.

    As at 1st October 2014 the current nursery fundraising fund stood at: £1,348.64 – thank you!