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  • Fresh Air


    Part of our early year’s curriculum is to ensure that all of our children have opportunities to access the outoor play space throughout the whole year. In order to do this it is important to ensure your child has the appropriate clothing/protection.

    The following guidance is provided to help you as parents understand our policy on outdoor play:

    Sun Drink2


    Children are not allowed to access outdoor play in hot weather unless they have appropriate protection:

    Sun Hat
    Clothing that covers sensitive areas, i.e.: neck, shoulders and back
    Sun Cream – Nursery will provide this unless your child needs special cream because of sensitive skin. A high block factor should be used.
    Plenty Of Water – Our children have unlimited access to drinks throughout the day.

    In very hot weather children will have limited access to outdoor play. Shaded areas are already provided but we are looking into providing further shaded areas next year.




    Freezn' Season SnowmanAutumn/Winter

    During the winter months we ensure our children have the opportunity to experience a range of weather conditions, i.e.: snow, wind, ice, rain. To do this we need to ensure the children have appropriate clothing.

    Appropriate clothing should include: A Warm Hat – Gloves & Scarf – A Warm Coat – Wellies – A Rain Coat – An Umbrella.


    Remember: All of your child’s clothing should be tagged with their name.

    In very cold weather children are out for limited periods of time.