• Finding Fernhurst Court Children’s Nursery

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  • A Safe Environment

    Will Your Child Be Safe?

    Safety is of paramount importance within Fernhurst Court. No one can possibly stop children having accidents, but we have taken special care throughout to ensure that risks are minimised. In fact we carry out a full risk assessment every twelve months with reviews every three months and staff are trained to be vigilant on a day to day basis.

    Some of the many measures we have taken are listed below:

    Children are protected from electrical circuits by the provision of residual current circuit breakers and electrical sockets are fitted with caps when not in use.

    Certain areas within the nursery are ‘out of bounds’ to children, these are the kitchen, the staff room, the office and any areas where contract staff are working.

    A comprehensive fire alarm system is installed with fire doors and extra treatment to some walls, floors and ceilings to slow down fire spread in the unlikely event of a fire occurring. Fire drills are held once per month and evacuation times are recorded and reduced to a minimum.

    All glazing within the nursery is toughened glass. Picture frames, clocks and mirrors within the nursery do not contain glass. All other types of glass objects are banned from the nursery.

    Hot water is controlled so that children cannot burn themselves. Central heating is thermostatically controlled so that radiator temperatures are kept within sensible operating temperatures. Radiator covers are fitted as a secondary precaution.

    Stairways are blocked off with safety gates, door handles have been raised so that they are away from children’s heads, Fingaguard™ has been fitted to all doors to prevent trapping of fingers and other measures to prevent finger trapping have also been taken.

    Fernhurst Court is also a ‘NO SMOKING’ environment.

    Weed killers and/or fertilisers are not used within the children’s play areas and all plants within the area are selected so that they do not present any special danger to the children.

    Children are only allowed to be taken away from the nursery by persons who are known to staff. NO ONE under the age of SIXTEEN! Is allowed to take a child from nursery.

    NOTE: Since we are looking at safety you should note that I have started a blog on child safety issues. Press this link or find it as the last entry in the ‘At Home’ part of the main menu.