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  • Care


    Caring is all about meeting your child’s needs and these needs must be met to ensure full development and true potential:

    Emotional Needs:

    Your child needs to feel safe and secure. This means s/he needs to be cared for by familiar faces in familiar surroundings and to be cared for by people who really care. Fernhurst Court believes that surroundings need to be the right scale, they should be more like the home environment with lots of small rooms that promote a quiet, calm atmosphere. Not one huge room filled with myriads of children resulting in a cacophony that grates even adult ears, never mind children’s ears. Within this safe, calm environment your child needs to learn free expression, needs to have a sense of adventure, partake in role play, have stimulating input within a variety of stimulating rooms. This needs to happen in a controlled manner so that your child learns socially acceptable behaviour.

    Physical Needs:

    Along with the emotional needs come certain physical needs. Your child needs to be warm and feel comfortable in the surroundings provided, have space to explore, and to develop properly. S /he needs good physical input: exercise (and rest), healthy food from a nutritious and balanced diet and a variety of physically stimulating environments including lots of fresh air.

    Intellectual Needs:

    humans are inherently ‘brainy’ animals and simply meeting the basic emotional and physical requirements is not good enough for sound child development. Whilst meeting the emotional and physical needs one must also meet the intellectual needs of your child. Further, there is a large variation within any group of children as regards their intellectual needs, some children develop earlier than others and some are inherently more intelligent. In practice this intellectual variation results in the need for individual plans of action for each child.

    Fernhurst Court has tackled this problem head on and has introduced a number of measures to ensure that we educate your child at your child’s pace and abilities. These measures can be summed up as follows:

    Key Person Control – when your child joins Fernhurst Court s/he is allocated a key person that is effectively that child’s best friend and tutor throughout your child’s time in a particular age group. It may often be the case that children end up choosing their own key person – whether we adults like it or not. A key person is responsible for your child’s development and responsible for ensuring that his/her Learning Journal(see below) is kept up to date; and that you are also kept up to date. Having a small number of specific children to monitor ensures that no child’s needs are neglected and that the key worker in our regular staff meetings highlights any special issues.

    KeyTime – during the week sessions are allocated such that your child’s key person spends quality time with her/him.

    The Learning Journal – when your child joins Fernhurst Court s/he is given a Learning Journal that will include many things but most importantly will highlight personal landmarks and achievements as time moves on. These records ensure that all of the staff at Fernhurst Court know the stage of development of any particular child and thus what to teach that child during Pre-School times.

    Parent evenings – these are organised so that you have the chance to talk in more depth to your child’s key person. It also gives you a chance to talk to the rest of the staff, the Nursery Manager and key directors.

    Social Needs:

    Besides being intellectual animals; humans are, above all else, social animals and thus children have social needs if they are to develop properly. At Fernhurst Court children are taught social skills: good language communication, tolerance of others, sharing, patience and taking turns, eating with a knife and fork, tidying up, etc.

    By meeting all these needs Fernhurst Court knows that it’s children are cared for and better prepared for life when it is time for them to move on.