• Finding Fernhurst Court Children’s Nursery

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  • History

    Fernhurst Cottages

    Sketch Of Fernhurst Cottages

    Fernhurst Court opened in April 2004, after sponsorship from Sure Start and the New Opportunities Fund allowed for the development of two old farmhouse cottages, previously known as Fernhurst Farm Cottages.

    The cottages are listed buildings dating back to 1700AD and once stood in farmland along with the barn next door (privately owned and recently converted into three houses).

    As the property is a listed building we had to keep most of its original features, mainly to the front, where if you look close enough you will see the original stone dating the building. The original front door to the top property (which isn’t used) has been kept and refurbished in keeping with the age of the building.

    The original beams are a prominent feature in most rooms creating an ‘Old English’ homely feel.

    Many visitors remark that it’s a bit of a ‘TARDIS’ (Doctor Who Fashion) since, certainly from the front, it doesn’t look much like an eighty place nursery.

    This is the earliest known picture of the farmhouse:

    Oldest picture we could find of the original buildings.

    Oldest picture we could find of the original buildings.

    Notice the name ‘manor house’. This is not what we saw when we first viewed it. Below are a collection of pictures taken by the Directors on first visiting the site:

    During the development phase we were far too busy getting the place turned into a nursery to bother with photographs. I can’t find any shots of the intermediate period between the above and the actual open day – see below:

    When we originally built the nursery we hadn’t the funds to develop the land to the rear. The following six photographs give an idea of what it was like prior to development. Note: the tree stump is the remnant of a tree that was deemed to be unsafe (we don’t like the word unsafe as regards the nursery grounds). It was also too close to the main tree in the photograph and as a result had to be removed. The stump has been left in case we can find a novel way to use it for the children to play with.

    Eventually enough money was raised to develop the land at the rear of the nursery – it was an interesting time for the children – here we have a record of the resulting devastation:

    The next development was our re-working of the wooden entrance walkway. In the beginning we couldn’t afford a substantial structure so the wood ramp was a good temporary solution. The new walkway has proved to be more durable and a much safer solution in winter time.

    Solid Entrance

    The next improvement was the introduction of the ‘big slide’:

    Chloe and Isaac on the new slide

    Chloe and Isaac on the new slide

    Our next intended improvement is to provide a wooden play house somewhere on the lawned area. Our current thoughts are a ‘Hill Top Lodge’ on the mound close to the slide…

    Hill Top Lodge Plan











    As you can see we have a plan (see above) and a rough date and time (June/July 2015) but we are in the early stages so things may change… watch this space!